Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trust In March

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, my goal in 2016 is to focus on one word and one book that goes with it for each month.  This month, my focus is Trust.  Personally, when I think of the word trust, I think about how I trust people - friends, family, etc.  Thinking about my focus for March, I need to take the word trust to a different level.  As cancer survivors, I think the word trust can also be related to how we feel about our bodies and our medical teams.  
For me personally, I struggle with literally just trusting my body.  Can I trust it to be healthy?  Can I trust that it will tell me if something is wrong?  I hate to say it, but can I trust it to not get cancer again?  Sound like blame?  Maybe.  However, it is definitely a feeling about trust that I do have rolling around in this crazy brain of mine.  When I got cancer, I was mad at myself physically and mentally.  How could my body let me down like this?  How could it let itself get cancer?  
Only years later am I slowly starting to realize that my body didn't fail me.  It told me when something was wrong.  I need to learn that trust again.  I need to let it do it's thing.  With that being said, the book I tied to my trust focus for March is Rising Strong by Brene Brown.  I love her insights!!  Trust is not something that can be accomplished 100% in one month, however, I think my basic understanding of it can be learned.  I think it is a great basis as cancer survivors to build our future on and help us recover.  I hope you feel the same way too!!

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