Friday, February 19, 2016

How's Your Life? How's Your Energy?

As I sit here at Midway airport in Chicago getting ready for a little weekend adventure in San Francisco, I keep thinking about one fascinating person I had contact with already today.  It's barely 7am so that is saying a lot.  I had just go through security and was in line at Potbelly for some much needed coffee and a little breakfast to go with it.  The line was full of mundane faces...frowns, sleepy eyes, tired looking parents and crabby airport workers.  It was virtually silent until.....a Potbelly worker walked in and started yelling out:  "Hey everybody, how's your day?  How's your life?  How's your energy?"  I think I just turned and stared.  Then of course my mouth fell open.  The sentence that would have come out is "How are you this happy?"  He still kept going:  "What are you having?  How are you?"  It was pure awesomeness.  He woke me out of my own swirl of worries, negative thoughts, and all the other usual thoughts that roll through the ticker tape in my mind.  I worry to the extreme and it can often put some damage into a fun weekend.  This guy snapped me out of it.  Just watching him do his own personal day-to-day tasks with such a high amount of energy made me realize that all is good.  It just is.  Take this as your own reminder today, no matter what you have going on.  If you are making sandwiches at Potbelly, if you are going to work, if you are going to the doctor or if you are going to San Francisco, just take it all in everyday.  Think of the sandwich maker today and remember to ask yourself:  How's your energy?  How's your life?

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